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CLEA’S 6th Child Labor Conference is coming up on Friday, March 9th, 2007. Click here for details.

School for International Training is proud to announce the publication of Challenging Child Labor: Education and Youth Action to Stop the Exploitation of Children, a collection of articles gathered and edited by Dr. John Ungerleider, SIT professor and founder of the Child Labor Education and Action (CLEA) project.




     From January 2000 - June 2003, the Child Labor Education and Action Project (CLEA) prepared youth advocates to eradicate abusive child labor, developed models for education and action, and promoted citizen leadership to strengthen child labor reform initiatives.
As one way to continue the work of the project, a collection of resources for use in the classroom is available on this site. Click on the "Resources for the Classroom" button below to go to the Table of Contents. Other useful resources for work in this field are accessible through links below.

Resources for the Classroom

Youth Workshop on Child Labor Issues
Cyprus - 8 February 2004
Information and pictures

Street vendor - Bogota, Colombia
Street musician - Warsaw, Poland
Iron worker - Bangkok, Thailand


     Resources for the Classroom
     Links to other Child Labor web sites including sweatshop-free shopping sites
     How to start a CLEA chapter in your school
NEWS - National and International
     Rugmark Foundation e-News
     National Labor Committee web site
      National Public Radio's "Marketplace" series on Child Labor
      International Labour Organization
      American Federation of Teachers' Child Labor Project
      National Labor Committee
      Student Committee Against Labor Exploitation
      Students Against Sweatshops – Canada
      United Students Against Sweatshops


     FIFTH CLEA CONFERENCE - New York NY - October 2003
     FOURTH CLEA CONFERENCE - Amherst MA - 13 October 2002
     THIRD CLEA CONFERENCE - SIT, Brattleboro VT- 9 November 2001
     SECOND CLEA CONFERENCE - SIT, Brattleboro VT <> 1 December 00
     FIRST CLEA CONFERENCE - SIT, Brattleboro VT <> 12 May 00
Educational Programs
     Central America Workers Tour - Brattleboro, Vermont - 12 November 2003
     Governor's Institute -Winter Institute - Montpelier, Vermont - February 2002
     Civic Leadership course - Brattleboro VT - Fall 2001
     Upward Bound Students' Fact-Finding Mission - Washington DC - April 2002
     Presentation on Child Union in India - Brattleboro VT - 24 May 2002
     Child Labor Awareness Day - Vermont - 26 March 2003
     First Statewide Leadership Forum - Montpelier VT - 20 May 2002
Social Action
     CLEA Group Speaks with Putney Students - Putney VT - 20 May 2003
     Marching in the Independence Day Parade - Brattleboro VT - 4 July 2002
     Guatemala School Project Updates - Pasac Segundo, Guatemala - May 2002
     Congressional Town Meeting - UVM, Burlington VT - 8 April 2002
     Peace Demonstration - Brattleboro VT - March 2002
     Holiday Season of Conscience March & Rally - New York - December 2001


How to start a CLEA chapter in your school

Examples of school activities
Brattleboro Union High School
Dover Elementary School

About CLEA
CLEA Wins Award

"Free Trade" - poem by Kenny Mostern - globalization and sweatshops (mp3 file)


CLEA is a partnership between the School for International Training (SIT) and Brattleboro Union High School (BUHS).

This project was funded by the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor
in collaboration with the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center. Federal legislation to establish these
educational programs was sponsored by Vermont Congressman Bernie Sanders.

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